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Thorn Township Zoning member (ZBA) Bob Coleman’s recent letter illustrates two things: 1. It highlights my oft-expressed view that Thorn Township should have attorneys review their legal documents – in this case, their zoning ordinances; 2. Bob Coleman should do his homework before displaying his ignorance.

He is correct that our “reviewed” (this year) zoning book has the language he cites (no signs before 45 days before the election); what he doesn’t state, is that this restriction has been unconstitutional since 2000, per the unanimous decision of the Ohio Supreme Court that invalidated a similar and all other such ordinances as violations of free speech. City of Painesville Building Department v. Dworken & Bernstein Co., L.P.A. (2000) 89 Ohio State 3rd 564.

My wife received a call from Zoning Chair Ron White about this issue, and, after he admitted that no attorney had reviewed the documents, she told him about this decision. We heard nothing more.

Any attorney worth their salt would have informed the township of this nine-year-old Court decision, and that their restriction is no longer legal. Morever, the County Prosecutor is required to represent the township for FREE. They didn’t use him with their Heron Cove variance decision either; one would think they would get tired of wiping the egg off of their faces.

Bob, just because some layman writes it, doesn’t make it legal. While technically correct, your letter is libelous. You owe my wife and I an apology.
Pete Myer

Thorn Township
(writing for myself and not on

behalf of candidate Linda Myer)

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