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Change needed in the county commissioners’ office


I’ll keep this letter fairly short since it will be considered “political,” but I should have more Buckeye Lake Mayor’s Court reports for readers next week.

There have been problems throughout much of Licking County government, but my focus has been on the Licking County dog pound. For many years, I told the commissioners about problems or issues at the pound that I felt created liability for the county or jeopardized the lives of animals and people. I made an honest effort to bring concerns to the commissioners first rather than to the public. I attended meetings at the commissioners’ office seeking changes for the betterment of Licking County and even ‘played their games’ tolerating their feeble attempt at pretending to care.

One constant factor in the commissioners’ office was/is one commissioner…Tim Bubb. It was as though Tim Bubb wasn’t going to change anything at the pound if I suggested it or if I was part of suggesting it…..even though it meant an improvement for animals, people, and the public perception of our county.

This fall, James Snedden, Jr. is running for Licking County Commissioner against Tim Bubb. Although Snedden’s father was married to my great aunt a long time ago, I only met Snedden a few short years ago.

Snedden is a kind person and an honest person. I believe he will do a great job for us as commissioner because he will do a job based on what is best for all of us…. not what’s best for himself or someone he knows. Snedden, unlike a lot of politicians, is a man who can’t be bought.

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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