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‘Cat owners should not be treated any different than dog owners’


I see the guest columnist is back and doing her thing again.

Watchdog, I see you are still after the Kirkersville Police. Who hired the current police staff and the others you mentioned? You did not call them any names (good ole boys) like you did before. I think if we looked they are members of your old posse that did the hiring so why are you not calling them names? Are you saying they are not doing the job correctly and hiring the right people for the job?

The cat issue is stupid! Do owners have to get a license for each dog and keep their animals chained. What makes cats so special? The last time I looked they are animals too.

Cat owners should not be treated any different than dog owners. The problem with the cats in Kirkersville has been one since I have lived here. Why do you think it is OK for cats to run all over the town free, but dogs have to be chained? If they had to have a license, when they are caught we would then be able to track them to their owner and fine them like we do dog owners when their pets are loose. The money raised from licenses could then e used to improve our other pet project the animal shelter. Cat owners should be made to control their pets from running the streets just like those of us that like dogs!

I know I will be told by you to watch what I say or yo might sue me because I disagree with you.
Dan Harper


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