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Carlin Addition residents shouldn’t be treated like second class citizens


Just a few weeks ago in a Beacon story, one of our Buckeye Lake Village officials said it’s the responsibility of the Carlin Addition residents to pave our streets.

It’s not our responsibility; we’re not second class citizens. We know better, but I guess some of our officials don’t. You would think that our elected officials would look out for all residents. But I guess not. Just look at the so-called patches done where the water lines where the water lines were installed under the streets.

The damage to our streets is far more than just where the waterlines were put below the streets due to damage from the heavy construction equipment.

Here’s another issue to remember. The Buckeye Lake Park Company that represents the Carlins owes more than $87,000 in past due property taxes per the Licking County Auditor’s office. Yet seven of their junk properties are going to be torn down at taxpayer’s expense. They should have to at least pay their taxes before they get their messes cleaned up for free.

One more thing! Where is our police department? Apparently our streets are too rough for them to come in our neighborhood.
Tom Dillinger

Carlin Addition, Buckeye Lake

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