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‘Care for our childen and say YES on the next try’


I, too, am very saddened about the failure of the Lakewood Levy. I keep thinking about an incident that happened in my childhood:

When my twin brother and I were two years old our father died. The next month mother gave birth to her eighth child. I don’t know how mother raised all eight of us without Social Security or pension benefits. But one time while in grade school mother was walking with us to school to meet with the teachers. I remember her holding my hand and she said, “don’t EVER vote down a school levy.” I have never forgotten those words – coming from a woman whose father wouldn’t allow her to go past the 8th grade because it wasn’t necessary for girls.

Please, everyone, care for our children and say YES on the next try.
Hilde Hildebrandt

Buckeye Lake

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