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Candidates in their own words: Walnut Township Trustees

MILLERSPORT – The Beacon has surveyed lake-area candidates in most contested elections to help our readers make their decisions.

Three candidates are seeking two positions on the Board of Township Trustees for Walnut Township.

Candidates were asked to respond to two questions:

1. In 175 words or less, please explain what you believe are the two most important issues facing Walnut Township and how you would address them as a trustee.

2. In 75 words or less, please explain why you believe voters should support you.

Word limits were strictly enforced and none of these responses were edited.

Rick Cochran:

1. My primary reason for seeking the office of Walnut Township Trustee is to assure that we as citizens, neighbors and communities have a voice when it comes to our individual concerns for the Township, the County and the Lake Region. I truly believe “Every Voice Matters” especially when it concerns our homes, our property, our roads, our Fire and EMS services and most importantly, the proper use of our tax monies. Representation is the foundation of our form of government and it is imperative that we have a presence and voice at the table.

I currently serve as President of the Fairfield Beach Property Owners Association and am taking the lead, with the help of others, to revitalize our neighborhood and association as well as give us the opportunity to have our voices heard.

The disposition of the Lake is on everyone’s mind. I do support the efforts of BLR2030 and believe in a concerted, collaborative approach to the issues facing our individual Lake Communities and the Region as a whole.

2. I believe the people of Walnut Township desire someone to be their advocate and voice. I am clearly that choice. My campaign slogan “Every Voice Matters…” is not just words on a sign but my primary reason for seeking office. Change is inevitable and is coming but if we are part of it and have a voice at the table, we can shape it with our own dreams and desires.

Terry Horn:

1. Drug activity, crime and speeding on Fairfield Beach (FB) roads – I am proposing a plan to work with FB residents to implement a Community Watch and Block Watch Program in partnership with the Sheriff’s Dept. With the cooperation and participation of residents, increased awareness and attention to these problems will lead to many more tips being submitted to the Sheriff’s office. This will ultimately lead to arrests and, hopefully, convictions.

Dilapidated houses – I will continue to work to remove rundown and unsafe properties. I have already addressed this by utilizing grant money to demolish five houses at FB and three houses in New Salem. I am currently working with the County Land Bank to buyout 10 rundown properties (eight at FB and two at Lakeside) using county grant funds. If successful, the Land Bank will demolish them and sell the vacant land for productive purposes.

A third equally important issue is the Buckeye Lake Dam storm water issues. I am working closely with county and state officials for the best possible solution! 2. Honesty, integrity, experience and dependability. My track record shows that I listen and work diligently to solve problems within budget and legal guidelines.

There is more work to do! I have the qualifications, desire, energy and know-how to accomplish what needs to be done to move our great township forward in a positive direction. My goal is to make this a great place to live, work and play, now and for the NEXT GENERATION!

Doug Leith:

1. The first important issue for Walnut Twp is the Buckeye Lake Dam project & it’s impact on our community. From the start, we have struggled to have our voice heard with ODNR. Thanks to the assistance of the County Engineers Dept, we were successful in requiring a RUMA agreement with ODNR to protect Twp roads. Upon completion of the project, ODNR is required to rebuild all Twp roads used during the project. In addition, we are constantly working to arrive at a viable solution to the ODNR edict of discontinuing private storm drainage into the Lake. The second issue is conservative budgeting & spending due to constant reduction in state funding. Most importantly, this affects our fire departments & the maintenance of 58+ miles of Twp roads. We have developed a 5 year plan in an attempt to address this expensive segment. 2- When I was elected 4 years ago, I pledged to represent ALL residents of Walnut Twp. I am confident I have done that. A Trustee cannot represent just one neighborhood or segment of our Twp. As a Trustee I listen & seek resident’s opinions before acting on an issue. I possess a conservative spending attitude & bring “common sense” to the table with integrity, experience & commitment. I would appreciate your vote on Nov. 7th!

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