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Candidates in their own words: Thorn Township Trustees

THORNVILLE – Three candidates are seeking two open positions on Thorn Township Trustees.

They were asked to respond to the following two questions.

1. In 175 words or less, please explain what you believe are the two most important issues facing Thorn Township and how you would address them as a trustee.

2. In 75 words or less, please explain why you believe voters should support you.

David Lyle
Did not respond.

John Jay Shafer

1. One of the most important issues facing Thorn Township is the stewardship of funds. Increased demand for public services such as fire, police and road upkeep and improvement will continue to rise. I feel that funds should be appropriated to allow for the most benefit for the largest possible portion of the residents. Road improvements should be scheduled to meet the needs of all traveling within the township.

The second issue of importance facing Thorn Township is development. Thorn Township trustees should position services within our boundaries to encourage local business growth. Plans to address drainage and road improvement should be developed to meet the needs of the future, not just quick patch the problem without evaluating the foundation of the road area and reason for the drainage problem/road surface breakdown.

2. I am J. Jay Shafer a lifetime resident of Thorn Township. I have worked within the construction field for many years as a heavy equipment operator building roads. I have also worked as an employee of Thorn Township from 2007 to 2014. I currently travel Thorn Township roads daily as an employee of the Northern Local bus garage. I will work to meet the needs of all residents of Thorn Township and ask for your vote on Nov 7th.

Richard Wilson
Did not respond.

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