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Candidates in their own words: Liberty Township Trustees

BALTIMORE – Four candidates are seeking two positions as Liberty Township Trustees. Candidates were asked to respond to two questions:

1. In 175 words or less, please explain what you believe are the two most important issues facing Liberty Township and how you would address them as a trustee?

2. In 75 words or less, please explain why you believe voters should support you.

Word limits were strictly enforced and none of these responses were edited.

Betsy Alt:

1. My two biggest concerns for Liberty Township are continued smart use of funds and good management of our land and resources. Liberty Township’s income from state and county revenues continue to decrease. Currently, we have good reserves and have worked hard to keep our roads in solid condition. Our buildings and equipment are well maintained.

Zoning concerns take careful consideration. We have a nice balance of active farms and rural homes. I would love to see it remain this way but we must be ready for change. We have an educated, professional group of people working on zoning. I have worked to ensure they have the tools they need to progress.

2. The way I best serve the township is through good communication and consensus building with the board and employees. I don’t care what part of the township a resident lives in – be it farm, town, subdivision or rural home, everyone deserves equal consideration and representation. I would appreciate your vote.

Don Keller

1. As I have been out meeting residents of Liberty Township I have noticed two dominate concerns being voiced. These are the issues with drainage and the condition of the roads, there are even some cases where both are linked together. As trustee I would quickly address the drainage issues, placing the highest priority on the cases that are having water damage occurring to structures. Each case requires evaluation and a corrective plan to be developed and implemented all while working within the township budget. Residents have consistently expressed dissatisfaction with the current system of road maintenance, specifically the tar and chip system. As trustee I want to evaluate our roads further and explore the options to improve our roadways and continue to ensure the safety and environmental future of our township.

2. Voters should select me because I believe in our representative government system. As trustee I am the steward of the township’s property and funds. My responsibility is to use funds wisely and keep residents informed of significant proposals involving township property. I have lived my life here and am raising my family and operating my business here. I am committed to maintaining our township with safety in mind and preventing drugs and crime from encroaching.

Randy Kemmerer:

As your current elected Liberty Township trustee for the past eight years, I feel that the two most important issues facing Liberty Township are: development and taxes.

My continued plan for development is to keep the area a rural farming community by enforcing and maintaining local zoning laws. It is important that trustees work closely with other local public entities to control and monitor the growth and development in our community. I will continue to focus on road improvements and support our local school district and public safety departments.

A trustee must concentrate on maintaining and improving our roads and services without raising taxes. As your elected official we have been able to do so without an increased burden to the voters. We have been able continue to keep the roads safe through snow removal and continued improvements despite the state taking away a percentage of local public funds.

2. I believe voters should support me, Randy Kemmerer, because I have over 40 years of public works experience. In my 8 years of office, we have been able to get a $6,000 sign grant to replace signs in Liberty Township. We have been able to re-surface approx. 2 miles of motor-mix and approx. 7 miles each year of tar and gravel to our roads. We have replaced culverts, continue to enforce maintenance of abandon properties and have torn down multiple hazardous homes. I will continue to work hard to improve our township and ask for your support on November 7.

Adam Leith

Did not respond.

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