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Candidates in their own words: Hebron Village Council

HEBRON – Six candidates are running for four positions on Hebron Village Council.

They were asked to respond to the following two questions.

1. In 175 words or less, please explain what you believe are the two most important issues facing the Village of Hebron and how you would address them as a village council member.

2. In 75 words or less, please explain why you believe voters should support you.

Jim Friend
Did not respond.

Thomas A. Marietta
Did not respond.

Clifford Mason

1. One issue that continues to need attention in the village is that of repetitive flooding in certain areas. I believe that we need to work with the property owners who are affected and collectively figure out the best course of action to quickly remove the amount of water that causes damage during a heavy rain event. More work needs to be done at the local level with local resources.

Another issue that I believe needs addressed is the lack of action to provide available adequate water and sewer resources beyond the current corporation limits. Years ago, council supported legislation to expand the current service area without annexation. If we fail to provide these services, we limit the ability to provide available resources to areas where economic development could benefit Union Township AND Hebron collectively. Additionally, we run the risk of an outside supplier providing these services.

2 I served the village for six years as an elected council member prior to serving as Mayor for twenty-years. I am a life-long resident who cares deeply about the past and future of this community. Active in many local organizations including but not limited to Hebron Christian Church, Masonic Lodge, and Hebron Lions Club. Former volunteer and career firefighter/paramedic with Hebron FD.

Annelle Porter

1. The two most important issues facing the Village are 1. Maintaining a sound financial position and 2. assuring the continuation of strong, efficient and responsive services the residents deserve.

I would address these issues by keeping a careful eye on the balance between income and expenditures and by being aware of the value returned to the residents keeping in mind the greatest good for the community.

2. I believe the voters should support me if they want a person to promote the best interests of Hebron. I bring experience, communication skills, an ability to identify and solve issues and doing so in a common sense manner. I welcome the views of residents and I listen to them. I accept the challenges of delivering transparent responsible government and I know doing so is a privilege.

Paige Seymour

1. My name is Paige Seymour and I have the privilege of running for Hebron Village Council. I graduated from Lakewood and C-TEC of Licking County in 2012. I grew up in the Hebron area and call it my home. I married Charles Seymour and we have two beautiful children. We own a home on Main Street and our little family enjoys playing outside and walking around Hebron to get some ice cream!

I have two main concerns for Hebron, the first being flooding. As Hebron residents continue to experience flooding issues, I would make that my top priority by budgeting funds annually to help finance the cost to repair and replace old culverts, storm drains and ditches.

My second concern is bringing our community together. We live in a beautiful village filled with wonderful people but we do not have anything that brings us all together. I would like to make Hebron stand apart from our neighbors by having unique events that will build up the community’s ambiance.

2. I believe voters should support me because where I lack in experience, I make up for with ambition and eagerness to make Hebron a place everyone wants to call home.

Scott Walters
Did not respond.

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