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Candidates in their own words: Buckeye Lake Village Mayor

BUCKEYE LAKE – Two candidates are running for Buckeye Lake Village mayor.

They were asked to respond to the following two questions.

1. In 175 words or less, please explain what you believe are the two most important issues facing the Village of Buckeye Lake and how you would address them as mayor.

2. In 75 words or less, please explain why you believe voters should support you.

Clay Carroll
Did not respond.

Peggy Wells

1. Cleaning up the village by consistently enforcing property maintenance codes and demolishing nuisance structures that are beyond repair and have become health hazards. These efforts will improve health and safety, and property values for neighboring properties.

Properties targeted for Sheriff Sales can often be diverted to the county auditor’s land bank program for demolition; delinquent taxes written off; and vacant lots resold to adjacent property owners. Great program!

Let’s build a reputation as a safe community rather than a speed trap! Our police department will routinely work with county agencies to rid the village of our growing drug culture. We will create an education and awareness program including neighborhood watches with anonymous tip lines and websites.

Curfew for minors will be strictly enforced for their own protection. Criminal activity will not be tolerated and will have consequences. Complaints will be taken seriously, investigations will be conducted professionally and evidence held for trial will be secured. Our police officers will be protecting you and your property, not generating revenue with speed traps.

2. We can become a vibrant village – clean, safe and thriving! A great place to raise children who are respectful and free of addiction and poverty.

Children learn what they live. Right now, there’s little discipline to clean ourselves up; to hold absentee property owners accountable in maintaining their property. There’s too much criminal activity with few consequences. Children watch what we do.

Let’s all do the right thing and make a better Buckeye Lake.

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