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Candidates in their own words

LAKE AREA – The Beacon has surveyed lake-area candidates in most contested elections to help our readers make their decisions.

Candidates were asked to respond to two questions:

1. In 150 words or less, please explain what you believe are the two most important issues facing the position they are seeking.

2. In 50 words or less, please explain why you believe voters should support you.

Words limits are strictly and no candidates exceeded the overall 200 word limit. NO responses were edited.

Buckeye Lake Mayor
(vote for one)

Clay Carroll

• Several projects need continued work. Some of these are;

• Continuing improvements to services such as Police, Fire / EMS, Storm water, Flood plain administration, BWC, Planning and Zoning processes and Community Development. Specifically addressing a few of these.

• Police service has improved over the last few months and with attention to badly needed funding, additional training and other resources we will continue that improvement.

• Fire and EMS services have also seen improvements thru additional administrative support and a renewed focus on operations. The RENEWAL of the fire levy is essential to continuing service and improvements in this area without any additional costs to our residents.

While these are very important projects the biggest issue that our community faces is “Lack of Unity” a serious problem in our village is the negative people misleading our residents with doom and gloom about every issue that arises.

• I am most aware of issues facing our village. Over the past 6-8 yrs I have been on a combination of council and 8 other commissions and committees. I have represented the village on the Licking County Safety Council. I am prepared to meet the challenges of this position.

Brenda Hileman

1. Our inadequate EMS services create an unacceptable health and safety risk. We need paramedic led services instead of relying on Basic EMTs. At the ER, we expect treatment from a doctor, not a nurse. Don’t need a paramedic on every call? Maybe not, but who knows? Sending out a first responder to “Go Look See” then waiting for another cardholder is very risky. A lack of qualified personnel in transport could be tragic if the patient’s condition worsens in route to the hospital.

For considerably less money, we can get better coverage, a higher level of care and good response times from contracting with Hebron for 24/7 coverage of all our EMS and fire runs.

Tax dollars are spread thin with crumbling streets and a lack of funding to fix them. I would seek restitution from the contractors who failed to follow contract specifications.

2. I’m an honest, reliable, hardworking long-time resident with a common sense approach. My pledge is to have regular office hours. I’ll surround myself with a competent hard-working staff. Everyone will be treated with courtesy and respect. I will answer your questions and be accountable to taxpayers and residents.

Jeryne A Peterson

The two most important issues facing the Village of Buckeye Lake are VOTING YES FOR THE FIRE LEVY. This is not a new LEVY your taxes won’t go up but your renters or home insurance will. We will not have money to cover the cost of running our fire department so as a Village we would have to close it down completely. A NO vote will mean no money to even purchase a pencil, we will not have any service only mutual aid and that will be only if it is available. The other issue that I see is organization with in all our departments and our residents. Educating the people of our community by letting them know what we are doing and how we are doing it are very important and will be addressed if I am elected.

Graduate of Franklin University BS Finance/Economics, Village Council for eight years, completed Ohio Municipal League courses on Government process and procedures. As a Finance Professional in the industry 34 years, I feel I possess the knowledge and the ability to be a great leader for the Village and residents.

Bowling Green Township Trustee

(vote for two)

Jeffrey Baird

I, Jeff Baird, as a Bowling Green Twp resident and candidate for trustee have two issues that I feel are important for Bowling Green Township. The residential zoning limit of 5 acres should change to 3 acres. This change would allow for more homes and could help with more construction in our township.

The second issue is the township should run like a business including keeping the communication and accountability of the township as a whole. Being a trustee is a job that is supported by the tax payers of the township. The township trustees should show professionalism on and off camera. As a business owner myself, communication and accountability are extremely important for success. Our township deserves a change. Why support Jeff Baird on Nov. 5? As a business owner, I have the ability to identify problems and fix them. I have a financial background to help write grants and address financial needs. As a parent I am able to foster understanding .

Mark Caudill

I am Mark Caudill and I am running to serve as Bowling Green Township Trustee. First I would like to start by thanking the Beacon for allowing candidates to participate in their own words. The decisions you make on November 5th decide our township’s future. Two key issues I have heard by many residents as I’ve listened intently during the campaign are 1. Bring a solution to the chaos our township government has experienced for many years I will eliminate and prevent threats disrespect and intimidation. I believe in tolerance, understanding, and respect for each residents’ views and opinions. 2.) We need responsible mature Leadership with open and honest decision making. Compliance is mandatory on how officials should be operating our local government. I will be a working trustee both on the road and at the board table. I bring the seed of civility with a new view, new opinion, and new personality. (153)

Our officials have failed. We need change and I am your candidate to help make those changes. I have the desire, willingness, energy, experience, and commitment to serve Bowling Green Township. Moving in a positive open manner, I offer fair and honest leadership and together we will make a difference.

Dave Daubenmire

1. It appears that our Board of Trustees is almost dysfunctional. Two of the members, Mr. Hupp and Mr. VanBurren admit that they really do not work very closely with the third member Mr. Chorpenning. This is certainly no way for governement to operate. The citizens of Bowling Green Twp elected Mr. Chorpenning, as they did Mr. Hupp and Mr. VanBurren and they should work together despite their differences. They have shown that they are not willing or able to do so.

I pledge to stop the bickering and represent the interest of the citizens of the Township.

Last Spring I was appointed by County Comissioner Duane Flowers to be his alternate on the Licking County Planning Commission and have become aware of many issues that I believe will eventually impact the private property rights of the citizens in our township. I pledge to fight to ensure that government does not encroach or infringe on the rights of private property owners. I will be an honest steward of the resources of Bowling Green Township and do all I can to ensure the government functions in an efficient and cohesive manner.

2. As a 30 year veteran football coach I have learned the art of getting people to work together. I believe I can help bring structure and cohesiveness to the board

Government should be used as a verb and not a noun. I want to help govern, rather than be the gov- ernment. I have a track history of honesty and integrity that I believe will serve the citizens of Bowling Green Twp well as we put together a cohesive team approach to man aging the affairs of the people. I am a person you can trust.

Benjamin Hupp

I, Ben Hupp, am running for reelection for Trustee in Bowling Green Township. Of the many issues facing our township, two areas of concern stand out. The first one is the spending of taxpayer dollars for local projects. This must be done wisely. We need to make sound financial decisions to preserve township solvency. I feel it is necessary to obtain and consider input from all residents regarding these matters.

The second key area of concern is to continue to build and maintain trust and credibility with township residents. They need to have the confidence in our dedication, knowing that their trustees are on the job 24/7. With the erratic wintry weather, families need to feel secure that the roads will be cleared and drivable. Small townships like ours, require a total hands-on approach in dealing with all physical challenges as well as using common sense in all decisions.

I will continue to be a reliable, hard-working trustee, being accessible at all times and to push for progress for our future. By working together, we can all make our township a nicer place to live. I humbly ask for your vote again on Nov. 5.

Daniel VanBuren
Did not respond

Liberty Township Trustees

(Vote for two)

Betsy Alt 1. My two biggest concerns for Liberty Township are smart use of funds and good management of our land and resources. Liberty Township’s income from state and county revenues continue to decrease. Currently, we have good reserves and have worked hard to keep our roads in solid condition. Our buildings and equipment are well maintained. Zoning concerns take careful consideration. We have a nice balance of active farms and rural homes. I would love to see it remain this way, but we must be ready for change. We have an educated, professional group of people working on zoning. I have worked to insure they have the tools they need to progress.

2. I was appointed to replace the late Dave Keller and have been honored to serve the Township since August of 2012. The way I best serve the township is through good communication and consensus building with the board and employees. I don’t care what part of the township a resident lives in – be it farm, town, subdivision or rural home, everyone deserves equal consideration and representation.

Craig Getz
Did not respond

Randy L. Kemmerer

1. As a current Liberty Township trustee for the past four years, I feel the two most important issues for Liberty Township are: development and taxes.

A continued plan for development is necessary. I will continue to monitor and control it to the best of my abilities. In doing so, my goal is to continue to have one of the best fire departments, schools and township roads in the county.

In these times and with the current economy a trustee must concentrate on identifying alternative ways to raise funds without putting any more tax burden on the residents of Liberty Township. Currently, a road grant has been approved for Saylor Road which will start construction of widening and resurfacing in 2014. At no cost to taxpayers, I will continue to apply for Issue 1 grants throughout the township to help make our roads safer.

2. Voters should support me, Randy Kemmerer, because I am experienced and persistent. I will provide and open door policy to residents within 24 hours of a concern. I will maintain safety and service to taxpayers through adequate snow removal, ice control and maintenance of vacant and abandoned properties.

Thorn Township Trustees

(Vote for two)

Dale Factor

1. Two most important issues facing Thorn Township are:

• Public Safety which includes Fire and EMS, Police, and road maintenance.

I will continue to evaluate and support the possible addition of more part-time paid Fire/EMS personnel. I will remain in contact with Perry County Sheriff’s Department to ensure our township receives adequate coverage. Over the past four years I have been out on the roads inspecting, plowing snow, and performing maintenance to ensure they are safe.

• The second important issue facing not only our township but all local government is the reduction in revenue coupled with the rise of goods and services. To battle this, I will continue to search for and utilize grants and other county, state and federal programs that will benefit Thorn Township. I take pride in being a good steward of your money and finding creative ways to accomplish projects in these challenging financial times.

2. I ask voters to support me because I have proven that I am an ethical, responsible, honest, hardworking, straight forward person. I enjoy working with people and am not afraid to take on challenges. I would appreciate your support on November 5th.

David Lyle

1. I believe that the two most important issues facing Thorn Township are expenses are getting higher every year and communication. As Trustee I would operate within the budget and make sure the tax payers get their money’s worth. I would go after grant money if available to help out on anything in the Township. To help better communication with everyone involved in the Township, County and Fire Department I would make sure everyone is aware of any and all issues going on, keeping lines of communication open.

2. I believe that voters should support me because I will listen to people in the community and to the concerns they have. I will do the proper research and homework on the issues and concerns brought o my attention, making sure that updates are reported in the paper.

Rick Wilson

1. Thorn Township is still experiencing rapid growth. With this growth comes the concern to maintain what we have and to plan for the future. Each year our budget is less. We are faced with doing more with less funding. Our 39 miles of roads must be maintained yearly. Trustees must make the difficult choices to update the areas that are in greatest need of improvement, while getting the most for the taxpayers’ dollar. Maintaining good working relationships with the county engineer is vital to the township to help defer many costs of road improvements. Trustees should continue to apply for state and federal grant monies for road improvements and special projects.

The township paid for the new fire and EMS building in less than three years. With this great financial accomplishment, it is still vital that we maintain state-of-the-art equipment and personnel that is qualified and adequately trained.

2. I have been honored and privileged to serve as your trustee for 24 consecutive years. With your help on November 5, I will continue to listen to your concerns, act promptly to your requests, and be available to you for the next four years as your township trustee.

Editor’s Note: Candidates in their own words will wrap up next week with Union and Walnut township trustee candidates.

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