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Candidates have attended meetings


Thank you for the opportunity to respond. Letter writer Sam Gorman made a completely false statement last week when he wrote, ‘The other candidates have not attended any trustee meetings in the past and now want elected so they can be paid to attend.’

Jeff Baird is a member of the Bowling Green Township Park Committee and has never been paid. He has donated much time, supplies and service with no compensation. I have worked side by side with Baird on township park improvements. Baird has attended more than one monthly township meeting.

Mark Caudill serves as the vice president on the Park Committee and was instrumental in the completion of the memorial flagpole project. Caudill also serves on the township zoning board. Caudill has attended township meetings.

Dave Daubenmire has observed plenty of the township meetings on-line. Daubenmire serves selflessly on the Licking County Planning Commission.

Jeff Chorpenning
Bowling Green Township Trustee

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