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Candidate suggests recording meetings with commissioners


Licking County Commissioner Duane Flowers made an apology for his remark that Hilliary Clinton should be hung from a tree. His apology came during the July 21 , 2016, Licking County Commissioners’ meeting.

I am the only person who rejected his apology at that meeting. My comments were not noted by the reporters present.

I have not received an apology for the comments made to me at the June 9th, 2016,commissioners’ meeting where inaccurate remarks were made to me and those comments were not included in the meeting minutes.

My advice to anyone who goes to your county commissioners for a meeting is to take and use some kind of a recording device. The Board of Revision during their meetings over adjusting property taxes audio records their meetings in full with the person’s complaint. You can contact Auditor Michael Smith at 740-670-5040 or Treasurer Olivia C. Parkinson at 740- 670-5010 to verify my statement.

So what are your current commissioners really hiding from the public by not using a recording device? A simple recording should not hurt anyone.

If I get elected, I will pay for a recording device out of my own pocket, if it protects the public.

Well that my view.

James Snedden Jr.

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