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Candidate promises to stop infighting


After watching the infighting among the Bowling Green Township trustees, I decided to run for trustee.

I don’t know who is right and who is wrong, but the fighting doesn’t reflect favorably on our township. Our community deserves better representation.

With a career in public education, and 30+ years as a high school football coach, I can deal with people who see things from a different perspective. I am a team builder and have helped others put the goals of the team above personal agendas.

For 12 years I have led Pass The Salt Ministries and have been fighting for individual liberties for all Americans. A man much wiser than me once said “all politics are local.” I believe this to be especially true now as the long arm of government reaches more and more into our personal lives.

I casually know Jeff Chorpenning, and don’t believe I have met Mr. Hupp or Mr. VanBuren, so this is not a personal battle. But I believe it is time to clean house. Perhaps some new faces will be able to work together.

I will be out of town for the Oct. 9 Meet the Candidates night. I wasn’t contacted about the event or my availability. It appears this important event has been haphazardly organized, which seems too common in our township.

Our roots go deep in this community, dating back to 1950.

I can only promise you that I will serve honestly and openly. That has been my life’s track record.

I would appreciate your support on November 5th.

Coach Dave Daubenmire
Bowling Green Township

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