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Burglaries plague Walnut Township

MILLERSPORT- A rash of burglaries in Walnut Township may have slowed a little in the last few days, but by no means should residents let down their guards, local law enforcement officers warn

. According to a Dec. 13 Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office release, there have been roughly 30 burglaries in and around Walnut Township and Millersport in the last three months. The burglaries are generally occurring under the day and appear to target houses where no one is home.

The Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone seeing suspicious vehicles or people to call the office at (740) 652-7911. Continue to call 9-1-1 for emergencies.

“We just want to get the word out,” said Fairfield County Sheriff Sgt. Kirk Kern, who added that the thieves prefer electronics, jewelry, and guns. “We have a few leads,” he said, but the more people on the lookout, the better. Kern said he wasn’t aware of more incidents since the Dec. 13.

“We’ve had a few break-ins,” said Baltimore Police Chief Michael Tussey, but nothing like the township. He advises people not to leave Christmas presents unattended in cars, always lock doors at home, leave property lights on at night, and report any suspicious activity.

Tussey said in-town homes are generally less susceptible to break-ins because police patrols are more concentrated, and homes are closer together. “There are many neighbors and they watch out for each other,” he said. Tussey said residents regularly call with suspicious person reports, which the department checks out. “Being proactive has really helped us,” he said.

Millersport Police Chief Mark Consolo said the burglary victims have Millersport postal addresses but are mainly in the township. He said Millersport is organizing a neighborhood community watch program. “It’s going to be great,” said Consolo. “We’re trying to be proactive instead of reactive,” said Consolo. His advice is similar to Tussey’s. “People should stop making themselves targets,” said Consolo.

The sheriff’s office will be training Millersport’s watch volunteers. Prospective volunteers should call the village office at 467-2333 for more information.

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