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Buckeye Lake’s three-minute comment limit criticized


This is an open letter to the Mayor and Village Council members of the Village of Buckeye Lake.

As a taxpaying resident of Buckeye Lake, who has voted for most of you to represent me, I was disappointed when you voted to put a three minute, one issue limit on residents addressing Council. What a shame? Most issues are too complex to be aired in that short a time. Where else and under what conditions are you going to hear what the residents think, what their priorities are and what they expect of you as elected officials and employees of this Village?

What you have effectively done is driven the residents to air the Village’s “dirty laundry” in the media rather than facing issues in the more acceptable forum of the Council chambers.

I respectfully suggest that if you are unwilling to take the time to listen and respond to the concerns of the residents, that you resign so that others can take your place. We need elected officials, appointed committee members and paid staffers who feel accountable to us as taxpayers.
Catherine “Kitty” Olohan Zwissler

Buckeye Lake

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