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Buckeye Lake Village pay levels to be reviewed

BUCKEYE LAKE – Buckeye Lake Village Council members agreed unanimously Monday night that a newly created water supervisor’s position would remain part-time through the rest of the year at $15 per hour.

According to the ordinance, the position will become full-time Jan. 1, 2013, at a $45,000 yearly salary, but council members will review the position before that takes effect. Council members asked Water Supervisor Toby Miller, who is in line to become the full-time water supervisor, to write a description of what his job includes.

Council member Kaye Hartman said she’d like to see more documentation about Miller’s duties before the position becomes full-time. “It’s like (Miller) is doing everything,” she said.

Hartman wondered if his duties only relate to the village’s water distribution system. “It appears (Miller) is overseeing a lot of things,” she said, adding that the title utility supervisor may be more appropriate. Hartman said she believes this is a good time to look at all village employees’ pay and duties.

Council President Charlene Hayden said she would like to see an increase in village pay scales, but was pleased they are at least being reviewed.

“I’ve said this all along,” that pay scales should be revisited, said Hartman.

Council member Jeryne Peterson said she would like to see more accountability from all departments.

Council members also agreed that the water department worker (vacant as of Wednesday) and clerk positions would be fulltime. “We need somebody fulltime in the Village Office,” said Hartman.

In other village news:

• Council members called a special meeting at 6 p.m. on Thursday, July 26, to discuss the open water department worker’s position, a supplemental appropriation to begin demolishing more derelict homes in expectation of being reimbursed by the Move Ohio Forward Grant program administered in Licking County by the City of Newark, and hold an executive session.

• Hartman questioned if the village is making a profit from its rental properties considering maintenance costs. The village owns the structures currently housing Lee’s Fried Chicken and the Lake Drive Thru that are part of the strip center housing village offices. . Fiscal Officer Vince Popo said the restaurant’s rent is roughly $500 per month and the drive thru is paying $991 per month. The village also owns the LEADS and food pantry buildings, which it leases for $1 per year.

Hartman said the rental leases will be up soon, and the village should evaluate whether the leases are still in Buckeye Lake Village’s best interest. “If it’s more of a headache, we should get out of the rental business,” she said.

• Development Director Mike Cassidy said the welcome sign at the north end of the village looks nice, but some signage behind it promoting local businesses does not. “They’re not giving visitors a good first impression,” he said, adding that he would look into who owns the land the signs are on, and see what he can do about them.

In a related matter, the village’s Community Action Committee is responsible for a new sign in front of the Village Offices. “I’m sure you noticed that it matches the gateway sign,” said Hayden.

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