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Buckeye Lake should contract for EMS


I do not know how the village fire department is run, nor do I care to some extent. What I am concerned about is how my hard earned money is taken from me in the form of taxes to pay for the crap going on!

I am under the impression that we have paid for a person to go to EMT class twice. The first time she was dismissed and passed the second time. Now this person is finally on the fire department officially and does not run. Why do we pay for someone to get their EMT certification and they do not go out on runs.

I’m bringing this up because I was coming home from work Saturday afternoon and the Millersport medic passes me at the edge of town. When I get home, I see three EMT’s sitting on a porch chatting away. Later I find out that Millersport had to assist Buckeye Lake because we couldn’t get two EMT’s to respond.

Why are we paying people to go to school if they don’t respond? Is there not an obligation to the Village? My suggestion… Get rid of the volunteers and pay one person to be a first responder. Then contract with Millersport or Hebron to be our people. Sell the equipment to help pay for the contracts or sell it all to a private company. The fire department is a joke around here. Fix it!

Rebecca Sheets
Buckeye Lake

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