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Buckeye Lake reaches (and exceeds) Full Pool

BUCKEYE LAKE – Full Pool is typically celebrated on the last Friday of April. Historically, April’s showers return the lake’s level to full pool by May 1, in time for the summer boating season.

Rainfall in 2019 is about six to seven inches above average. Saturday’s nearly all-day rain has filled the lake to the brim.  Actually, it’s above the brim as lake water flows over the fixed level at the Seller’s Point spillway.  Lake water has been discharged at the AMIL spillway for more than a week.

Lake water was flowing over the Seller’s Point spillway Sunday. Beacon photos by Charles Prince.

Lake water roared over the additional stop logs placed in the AMIL Spillway March 1. The lake level appeared to be about a foot higher than the top of the stop logs. Beacon photos by Charles Prince.

One response to “Buckeye Lake reaches (and exceeds) Full Pool”

  1. Rita R. Emrich says:

    The yellow house in the last picture near the oldest spillway. Is this owned by the state??
    No, that house is privately owned. However, I was standing approximately in front of the Licking County-owned house when I took that photo.

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