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Buckeye Lake Police chief praised


I wish to offer a commendation to Chief Jim Hanzey of the Buckeye Lake Police Department.

Near the end of last May, I arrived sometime after 6 am to the First Community Church to do some outside work. I exited my car and as I often do, I left my driver’s door open. I was working about fifty feet behind the shelter house, when I heard a voice calling out, “Are you okay? Are you okay?” I walked towards the unseen person, and it was Chief Hanzey coming around the corner.

As he said to me, he saw the car and the door open in the parking lot, and drove in to investigate. Upon recognizing my special license plate, he had an idea that it might be me (his former school teacher) somewhere on the church property. As we were talking, he said that seeing a lone car in a parking lot with a door open, is an unusual sight. It’s those sorts of things he and his department check out when they are making their rounds.

In this era of giving out more criticisms than compliments, I wish to do the later today for Chief Hanzey.

To Chief Hanzey, I thank you for stopping by, and checking out the status of the car with the open door at our church last May.

Tom Tweedle

North Bank

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