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Buckeye Lake opens bids to repave streets

BUCKEYE LAKE – Bids for repaving Buckeye Lake’s streets were higher than anticipated, but one was “not unreasonable,” said ME Companies engineer Jack Christy.

Bids were opened Wednesday afternoon at the Buckeye Lake Village Hall with the following results:

• Chemcote Asphalt Paving Company of Dublin bid $722,643.10;

• Kokosing Construction Company, Inc. of Fredericktown bid $789,664.20;

• Shelly Company of Thornville bid $817,264.75; and

• Neff Paving, Inc. of Zanesville bid $927,035.00.

Christy said Chemcote’s bid was within 10 percent of the $690,000 project estimate; if all bids had exceeded the estimate by more than 10 percent, then the project must be rebid. Realistically, said Christy, the $690,000 estimate was old and he estimated that today the project would cost roughly $710,000, so Chemcote’s estimate wasn’t too far from target.

Christy said the village’s desire to begin the project within 60 days of signing the contract may have scared off some bidders. Water Tech Toby Miller said some companies wanted to delay beginning the project until September or October, which, considering the terrible condition of Buckeye Lake’s streets since a public water distribution system was recently installed, is unacceptable. He said he was familiar with Chemcote. the Hebron Kroger’s parking lot.

Christy said the bids will be reviewed for accuracy before being presented to village council for its tentative approval, most likely during the July 12 Buckeye Lake Village Council meeting. Council’s tentative approval allows the village to draw up legislation for final approval and allows village engineers to wrap up paperwork for funding.

Miller predicted that by council’s July 26 meeting, council will sign final legislation for approval, all paperwork for funding will be in place, and “we can move forward from there,” he said. The contractor has 60 days to begin work after the contract is signed.

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