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Buckeye Lake needs to give it up and buy water


Well, notwithstanding the hope-filled article in The Advocate, here we are, with another season about to get under way, and Buckeye Lake still without water. Why? Because elected local officials continue to allow egos to interrupt common sense. Although I’m sure we will hear about how some “new” study is being considered, the fact is, we have been waiting at least 10-12 years for irresponsible politicians to take some action benefitingthe population, and still have nothing substantial.

If the municipality had initiated construction of a distribution system two years ago, it would now be in place and Buckeye Lake would have the option of purchasing water from multiple sources. Instead, these tunnel vision officials continue to maintain that Buckeye Lake should conduct more studies and then drill wells and install and operate, at a cost of millions, its very own parochial water plant. This from a government that cannot even afford to spend the rather small amount of money needed by its own police force.

In the mean time, the citizens of Buckeye Lake continue to suffer the consequences. Businesses that hire employees at wages greater than the minimum wage cannot locate here because of the lack of good water; children continue to drink water that in all cases lacks the treatment needed to foster good dental health, and in many cases is probably contaminated with bacteria from bad wells; and money is wasted by officials trying to justify their own positions rather than doing what could be done to serve and protect the citizens.

It is rather ironic that in an era where every business leader, and most government leaders, with even a semblance of intelligence are striving to achieve economies of scale and to reduce extra energy usages assailing our environment by combining operations wherever possible, this mayor and council want to continue down a path of almost certain failure. At the expense of repeating what has already been said many times, RUN THE NUMBERS!

In these time of exploding costs, for both installation and operation, the thought that Buckeye Lake can support its own system is a pipe dream. The last census figures indicate fewer than 1500 housing units, with only about one-half of those owner-occupied. That same data shows the median household income is well below the state and national averages. Why does anyone think another “study” of the economic feasibility is worthwhile, when villages and cities much better off are unable to operate their own system?

Give it up and get a contract now to obtain water from a source that has already spent the money and energy needed to develop their own system. This little village is not in a position to re-invent any wheels.
Boyd Ferris
Harbor Hills

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