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Buckeye Lake Library starts looking for a new home

Thanks to all of you who have become a Friend of the Library by becoming a member or by making a donation so that we can continue to operate here in our community. Your help is greatly appreciated. We hope you will continue to use this wonderful resource.

We know that many of you are enjoying the library as you stop by to browse, borrow books and use the computers. In case you didn’t know, we have lots of magazines and newspapers too so feel free to stop by and sit for awhile and look them over.

We have an interesting and challenging bit of news to share with you. The board of the Newark Library have asked us to start thinking about, and planning for, a new location for our library – one that is bigger and more accessible to members of the community. Our initial philosophy in selecting the current location was largely driven by wanting it to be a place that people in the Village could easily walk to. It is available to anyone inside or outside the Village to use, but the hope was that our current location would make it easy to reach by people inside the Village of Buckeye Lake.

Our challenge now is to findanother spot that would be equally accessible to people who will drive or walk to it. We have two years to come up with a plan so please do not think we are abandoning our current location soon. We do, however, want to share this news with everyone. It will be an incredible challenge particularly because we have no money to rent or buy a building or land on which to build a new building.

The Newark Library and the board members of the Friends of the Buckeye Lake Library believe that Buckeye Lake deserves a first-rate library that we can all enjoy. So, put on your thinking caps and let any board member (you can finda list of board members at the library) know if you have any good ideas about a new location or a way to make it happen.

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