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Buckeye Lake Library gets new lease on life

NEWARK – The Buckeye Lake Library should be safe for the next two years, said Licking County Library Director Steven Hawk. A six percent pay cut for all Licking County Library District staff members in 2009 and a four percent cut in 2010 should allow the Buckeye Lake and Miller library branches to continue operating through 2010. Reductions in state funding for libraries put both branches in jeopardy.

Hawk said the Licking County Library Finance Committee approved the measure March 24 and the board of directors was to vote on the measure Thursday, March 26, 4 p.m. in the lower level story hour room in the Main Library in Newark. Wednesday, Hawk didn’t expect any surprises on the Thursday vote because six of the seven board members attended the finance committee meeting and agreed with the pay cut to save jobs and branches. “They thought that was the way to go,” he said.

Hawk said the reduction is six percent in 2009 because it’s being implemented one quarter into the year; otherwise the pay cut would be four percent as it will be in 2010. Hawk couldn’t predict what will happen in 2011, but said the district would need to pass an operational levy in 2010 to have any new money in 2011.

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