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Buckeye Lake area to be studied

NEWARK – Licking County Planning and Development is sponsoring a soonto come transportation and economic development study of the Buckeye Lake Area to incorporate new ideas and planning improvements while maintaining the historical fabric of the area.

“We want people to realize Buckeye Lake is a great place,” said Licking County Planning and Development Director Gerald Newton. He said Buckeye Lake Mayor Clay Carroll had asked county planning for advice about transportation infrastructure and ways to improve it for Buckeye Lake Village, and county planning and the Licking County Area Transportation Study department personnel decided to look at transportation and other issues around the lake area to determine what sort of improvements could be made at a low cost.

Newton said the county departments decided to take on the study before the lake was drawn down to reduce the risk of a dam breach. Considering the hardship the dam replacement will place upon local businesses, Newton believes the study will be even more advantageous to the area. “It caused us to look at the issue some more,” he said.

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