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Buckeye Lake adds full-time police officer

BUCKEYE LAKE – Mayor Peggy A. Wells administered the oath of office to Police Officer Jeremy Jackson on January 14.

Jackson is the first new officer added to the force since Police Chief Vicki Wardlow took over. He was extensively vetted by Chief Wardlow. Jackson currently serves in the Army Reserve as a military police officer. He has two years of college and has been a certified police officer since 2015 with 3.5 years of full-time experience in law enforcement. Jackson has a dozen additional certifications and training including 37 hours of crisis intervention training, managing property and evidence room training, LEADS/N.C.I.C. certification, community policing relations training and Doppler Radar and L.I.D.A.R. certification.

Here’s Buckeye Lake’s Police Activity report for January:


  • Jan. 1: Police responded to an alarm drop at a North Bank Road residence. The residence was checked and found to be secure.
  • Jan. 2: A Renner Street resident told police that a neighbor told him that unknown persons had entered his unlocked home while he was away. The resident told police he would check to see if anything was missing.
  • Jan. 4: A Mt. Vernon man driving a delivery truck told police a Union Street man had made threats to shoot persons at a Union Avenue construction site. The man was arrested and taken to jail.
  • Jan. 5: A Leisure Village resident reported that a Hebron man had threatened him. Police learned that the Hebron man is seeing the complainant’s ex-wife and that the two men had “been going at it” for five years. Police spoke with the Hebron man about the latest incident and he told police it wouldn’t happen again. Police told the complainant about the Hebron man’s pledge.
  • Jan. 5: Police assisted Hebron Police on a traffic stop on Ohio 79 at Enterprise Drive after a report that the driver showed a gun during a road rage incident. No gun was found.
  • Jan. 8: Police issued a 72-notice on an abandoned vehicle on West 5th Street to a Neel Street resident. On follow-up, police determined that the vehicle had been moved since the notice was issued.
  • Jan. 8: Police issued another 72-hour notice on a separate vehicle on West 5th Street to the same Neel Street resident above. When police followed up on January 16, the owner said he was trying to get a Millersport salvage company to remove the vehicle. The vehicle was still there when police followed up on January 23 and they were unable to contact the owner.
  • Jan. 8: Village Code Enforcement officer asked police to check a vacant building after finding a door open. Police found some signs of occupancy since the last check before it had been secured. Police resecured the building except for the front door which had been damaged.
  • Jan. 8: An Ohio Department of Youth Services parole officer asked police to check for an Elliot Avenue youth at three different locations in Buckeye Lake. The youth was wanted on a warrant for arrest. Police reported no contact.
  • Jan. 8: A Leisure Village resident complained that her spouse was harassing her on the phone.
  • Jan. 8: Police assisted the Buckeye Lake squad with a combative patient on Wood Street.
  • Jan. 8: Police were called to assist the Buckeye Lake squad with a possible forced entry into a Leisure Village home to assist a patient who had fallen. A keyholder responded and let EMTs in.
  • Jan. 9: Police were called about a suspicious vehicle with no plates at Creno’s Pizza. Police learned that the vehicle belonged to a pizza delivery man there and the engine had blown up the night before. The vehicle was left there until a salvage company was able to pick it up.
  • Jan. 9: The Buckeye Lake street supervisor told police he had found a backpack in the roadway. Police could not find any identifying information on the backpack so it was placed in the evidence room for safekeeping.
  • Jan. 9: Police were called to the Motel 6 on a report of a disturbance. An employee said a guest may be mentally unstable and has been causing problems since he came there. The guest was advised to stay out of the office area.
  • Jan. 9: Police checked out a 9-1-1 open line call from a Highland Avenue home. A resident there told police her two-year-old daughter keeps getting the phone and hitting the emergency call button. Everything checked OK.
  • Jan. 10: Police and a firefighter checked out a report of low hanging wires at the Goodwill store. No low hanging wires were found.
  • Jan. 11: Police were called about an unhappy customer refusing to leave a Blue Heron Boardwalk business. The Millersport woman told police she had been shorted on an order the night before and wanted a refund. The manager gave her a store credit and she left without incident.
  • Jan. 11: Police were dispatched to conduct a well being check on a West 3rd Street resident. Police made verbal contact with the resident and found her lying on the floor after an apparent fall. The Buckeye Lake squad took her to the hospital.
  • Jan. 12: Police on patrol on Stewart Avenue saw a laptop on the side of the road. The laptop was on and it appeared to belong to an Elliott Avenue resident. After checking with the Licking County Sheriff’s Office concerning any reports of a stolen laptop, police returned the laptop to its owner.
  • Jan. 12: Police were called to a possible hit skip accident on Union Street. A vehicle hit a fence, causing minor damage. The driver returned to the scene about 15 minutes later, explaining he was a firefighter responding to an emergency run. He promised to fix the fence which satisfied the property owner.
  • Jan. 14: Police responded to a complaint about a white pickup blocking 4th Street several times. Based on the license plate information provided, police were able to speak to the vehicle owner two days later. The driver was advised not to block the roadway or face a future citation.
  • Jan. 15: A Licking County Prosecutor’s Office investigator asked police to reopen/investigate three separate rape complaints.
  • Jan. 15: Police have reopened another rape investigation after receiving new information.
  • Jan. 16: A Thornville driver was issued a written warning ticket for failure to display two headlights.
  • Jan. 16: A Thornville driver was issued a written warning ticket for failure to display a clear license plate light. Police told the driver to replace the purple light with a clear bulb.
  • Jan. 17: Police are investigating a theft from an auto at the Buckeye Lake Estates.
  • Jan. 17: Police conducted a well being check after receiving a report of a man standing outside in the cold for approximately three hours in the Buckeye Lake Estates. No one was standing outside when police arrived. Police checked with residents of a nearby home who stated that a resident had just come inside after being outside for about three hours. The individual assured police that he was OK and thanked them for checking on him.
  • Jan.17: Police relayed a call from a Columbus Division of Police officer to a Leisure Village resident. The Columbus officer wanted police to tell the Buckeye Lake resident to stop harassing a Columbus resident with phone calls. She told police she would stop calling but added that a named man shouldn’t be staying with Columbus woman. She also alleged that the man may have loosen the lug nuts on her vehicle which was not at her home. Police did not find any warrants outstanding on the man.
  • Jan. 17: Police and a Licking County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded to a reported domestic dispute at a Hunting Landing Road home. Both parties refused to provide statements or press charges. They were advised to stop drinking and get some sleep.
  • Jan. 17: Police were called to a Walnut Road apartment on a report of a domestic assault. The female victim was transported to the hospital by the Buckeye Lake squad.
  • Jan. 18: A mother asked police to check on the well being of two sons who live with their father in Leisure Village. Both checked OK.
  • Jan. 18: A Thornville driver was issued a written warning ticket for failing to display two headlights. The driver said he forgot to turn them on when he left the Dragon Village restaurant.
  • Jan. 18: Police responded to a complaint about loud music on Central Avenue. The resident turned off the music.
  • Jan. 21: Police have reopened another rape investigation.
  • Jan. 22: Police arrested a Buckeye Lake resident on a New Albany Police Department warrant. He was turned over to New Albany Police.
  • Jan. 22: Police were asked to conduct a well being check on a North Bank resident. She was OK.
  • Jan. 23: Police were asked to check the area around the Buckeye Lake Library after receiving a report of two suspicious vehicles there after hours.
  • Jan. 23: A Petplex Animal Hospital employee reported a possible stolen bike left there. The bike was placed in the department’s evidence room for safekeeping.
  • Jan. 24: An officer at the Dragon Village restaurant observed an individual wanted on a warrant enter the business. The officer confirmed the warrant for aggravated possession of drugs and his identify. He was arrested on the warrant and taken to jail.
  • Jan. 25: Police assisted a Natural Resources Officer at the North Shore Park in an attempt to check out two suspicious individuals. Police had negative contact after trying to find out where they went on foot.
  • Jan. 26: Police on patrol saw a Skitzu puppy in an open garage on Buckeye Avenue. The dog approached the officer. Police were able to identity the owner from its license. After contacting the owner by phone, several family members came outside to claim the dog and take it into the house. Police advised the owner of the village’s new tethering law.
  • Jan. 26: Police responded to the Barrel Bar on a report of a theft. Police were unable to locate the complainant and consulted with the bar staff who were unaware of any such incident. The caller had claimed she had been kicked out of the bar and told she could not retrieve her belongings.
  • Jan 28: Police are investigating the report of an assault by a West 1st Street resident.
  • Jan. 29: A Hebron man told police his vehicle had slid on the ice, striking a parked vehicle at the Buckeye Lake Estates mobile home park. Police followed the driver back to the scene where they made contact with the other vehicle’s owner. The two vehicle owners exchanged information and were willing to handle the accident civilly.
  • Jan. 29: A Florida driver was issued a written warning ticket for driving 49 mph in a 35 mph zone on Hebron Road.
  • Jan. 29: Police responded to an alarm drop at an Elliott Avenue home. The house checked secure and a number of dogs in the house started barking when police approached the house. Police were unable to make contact with the residents.
  • Jan. 29: Police arrested a Buckeye Lake Estates resident on a warrant for failure to appear on an assault charge in Licking County Municipal Court. The man was taken to jail.
  • Jan. 30: Police responded to an alarm drop at a Slocum Road home. There were no footprints in the snow around the home and it checked secure.
  • Jan. 31: Police were dispatched to check on the well being of a dog on East 6th Avenue after receiving a report that it had been left out in the cold all day. The dog’s owner told police it had not been out all day and police did not see any dog outside.
  • Jan. 31: Police are investigating a complaint that someone forged a West 3rd Street resident’s signature to obtain natural gas service.


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