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Buckeye Council now complete

BUCKEYE LAKE – Village Council members, during a special council meeting Jan. 28, unanimously appointed Boat Boys owner Tim Figgins to the two-year open council seat left vacant when council member Tom Wolfe resigned to accept the four-year term he won last November. Former Buckeye Lake Village Council President Jeryne Peterson who did not seek re-election also sought the appointment.

Figgins said construction of the new 4.1-mile Buckeye Lake dam would be the dominant village issue during his term on council.

“The issues facing us most immediately are related to the construction environment we are all living in,” Figgins said. “We need to make sure we focus on continuing to improve the core services received by our citizens and working with our local, regional and state officials to emerge a stronger village at the end of this dam construction process.”

Figgins said if council members continue to be focused positively on the issues and working well together, the village would avoid some of the personality conflicts distracting past councils. “I accepted the invitation to apply for the open seat because this is a great group of council members with solid leadership from (council President Kitty Zwissler and Mayor Clay Carroll),” Figgins said.

Figgins said it’s a “pivotal time” in Buckeye Lake’s development and council members owe it to the community to dedicate themselves – without self-interest – to its future. “I know first hand the devastating financial and lifestyle hardships facing many to no fault of their own,” he said, “but sometimes it is through those hardships we learn to focus on what is truly important.” Figgins said what is important to him, to Buckeye Lake citizens, and to the council is acknowledging the village has been knocked down, that it wasn’t citizens’ fault (so there is no place for blame or focusing on the past), and for council members to commit themselves to forging ahead to better days as a more unified community. “If our council demonstrates that unity and positive focus of purpose we can inspire others to do the same,” he said.

In other village news:

• During Monday night’s regular council meeting, Carroll described Ohio 79 through the village as a “mud hole” as construction vehicles haul dirt to and from the dam construction staging area at the North Shore Boat Ramp. Mud falling from trucks coats Ohio 79 from the boat ramp to I-70. He said construction crews are making progress on the dam, but he’d like to find a method to keep mud off the road.

Council member Peggy Wells wondered if the truck beds could be tarp-covered to reduce the amount of mud falling from them.

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