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Bubbling manhole covers pose no threat

BUCKEYE LAKE- It may look strange, but it’s no threat. Licking County Water and Wastewater Director Kevin Eby said bubbling manhole covers in Buckeye Lake Village do not pose a safety threat. “What they are seeing is in fact air bubbles coming from the manholes, not sewer water,” he said. Eby explained the bubbling is happening because the collection system is at full capacity with run-off storm water and air is escaping from inside the system through the manholes. “I asked plant personnel to inspect several manholes to verify this and this, in fact, is the case,” he said.

The sewer plant is running at full capacity and the collection system is not overflowing.”We are assuring that the collection system will not overflow into the village through the manhole lids,” said Eby.

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