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Bubb supports Smith


I am writing to offer my strong endorsement to the voters of Harrison Township, to retain their ‘hard working’ Trustee – Eric Smith.

As one of your Licking County Commissioners I am in a unique position to observe the effectiveness of trustees. Eric Smith brings maturity, thoughtfulness, and a strong work ethic to this position. His background, as a native of Harrison Township, as well as a respected businessman and family man make him a candidate who deserves your support and vote.

As a County Commissioner I have worked with Trustee Eric Smith on a variety of projects, and find he has always done his homework and works through problems to findfair resolution. Trustee Smith sees the bigger picture and is looking ahead, while still focusing on the immediate needs of the residents of Harrison Township – both longtime residents and the newcomers. This is a challenging job and it takes a special person to serve effectively as township trustee.

As a respected businessman Eric Smith brings a depth of knowledge to his township. For Trustee Smith, a man who looks to the future, comprehensive plans for growth, proper zoning, and long term planning come as second nature. Frankly, as your current Harrison Township Trustee, Eric Smith both ‘gets it’ and is working hard to serve you!.

However you vote – I urge you to retain Trustee Eric Smith, and urge your friends and family to do so as well!

It will be a positive vote for the future of Harrison Township!
Tim Bubb

Licking County Commissioner

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