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Brindles aren’t all pit bulls


According to public records, a complaint was received by the Licking County Humane Agent on October 10, 2012, about a cat being dumped on White Chapel Road in the Newark/Heath area. The complainant had documented the license plate number and make of a vehicle that was used by a man abandoning a cat. It was determined that the vehicle belonged to Buckeye Lake Police Officer Jim Bart (this is the name that was on the record but I believe it was a typo).

The Humane Agent left several messages for the Buckeye Lake Police Chief Ron Small. After a couple of weeks with no return call, the humane agent went to BLPD where she spoke to Chief Small. Chief Small told her that the situation would be handled internally.

I was in the BLPD office in January 2013, to research a different complaint on the same officer. I specifically asked Chief Small and (then) Capt. Hanzey if there were any complaints on him. They both insisted there had been no previous complaints on this officer. Again, I’m not surprised.

In response to Brandon Lee in last week’s Beacon, I write letters based on public records as well as my own experience and research. The statement that “no lab is brindle like that only your bully dog group” couldn’t be farther from the truth! But…I do understand that you may just be uneducated when it comes to dog breeds. Many people are.

The brindle pattern can be found in many dog breeds such as Basenji, Boxer, Welsh Corgi, Dachshund, Great Dane, Neapolitan Mastiff (in the case of the dog that was shot), Boston Terriers and many other breeds. We all know that labs can mix with any breed. I have seen and dealt with MANY dogs and may know their “language” more than most. I personally have a brindle colored dog and I can assure you there’s absolutely no pit bull in her. But, the bottom line here is not the breed of dog, it is the idea that you have to let others deal with what you are not experienced with and I don’t believe either of these dogs were “aggressive”. I have met many wonderful pit bulls! They are terriers, much like the Jack Russell, who have high energy levels but also have great personalities. They have a bad reputation because of bad people doing bad things to them.

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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