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Bowling Green Township Trustees give away your money


Our Bowling Green Township Trustees are GIVING away YOUR money.

Trustee Watkins has even tried to eliminate the money generating Park Committee, putting them down at every turn. The committee is a positive effort initiated by former Trustee Chorpenning.

Park volunteers have been repeatedly verbally scorned by Trustee Watkins from the beginning. I have seen first hand how the volunteers have made it all happen. Chorpenning brought several grants to the township including a park beautification project. As one of his last actions as trustee, Chorpenning proposed a motion for the township to apply for yet another grant to update park equipment. Thanks to the Park Committee and other volunteers this grant application became another winner. The grant money will arrive this year.

I’m writing this letter after watching Trustee Watkins and the G.O.B. crew once again randomly hand out our tax dollars to now “pay” volunteers. The Good Old Boys apparently purchase gift certificates with tax dollars and hand them to their preferred workers and volunteers.

A gift card was given to one resident for helping the G.O.B. fill out some grant paperwork. I thought we paid our officials to fill out paperwork,. Can’t the four of them together get-r-done?

I observed that the township check for the gift certificate was not even posted publicly. Public posting of all checks written is also a Chorpenning legacy that the G.O.B. now apparently ignore.

Trusees Watkins, Hupp and Vanburen seem to give away and spend well beyond the park funds our community has successfully raised by the hard working park committee. Many committee efforts produced money to go towards park projects but our trustees just give our money away to select volunteers without any public input!

A recent meeting report showed a zero balance in the park fund! The GOB gave it ALL away selectively! Hold on to your hats for this one. At the December trustees meeting, Watkins announced a decision to take $300 and pay resident “volunteers” after the fact for labor to do artwork in the community building. This was a Watkins action, not a park committee decision. As a matter of fact, the committee had no input whatsoever.

As soon as our public money and park committee event donations are paying volunteers then they are no longer volunteers but rather being paid for a service or product from OUR money. The G.O.B. are spending the park committee earnings as if it is their own personal pocketbook, handing out tips. Are the G.O.B. also handing select employees gift certificate bonuses as well?

The only way to find out the truth may be by a very detailed public record request. Good luck getting a record request filled in a timely manner. I will write on this topic soon. It is unlikely Watkins is using his own personal money or the money in his pocket he took illegally for years on his unlawful insurance reimbursement scheme for these generous “donations” funded by US .

What do you think of your elected officials’ ‘donations’ with YOUR money?

Geary Stepp
Bowling Green Township Watchdog

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