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Bowling Green Township Trustee responds to critics


To the Citizens of Bowling Green Township:

In the past few years, many Letters to the Editor about me have been submitted to this newspaper. As an elected official and a firm believer in freedom of speech, I understand that I have opened myself to the scrutiny and criticism of others. In an effort to take the high road, I have rarely responded to these negative and unfounded comments. Instead, I prefer to let my actions attest to my character.

There is, however, a persistent issue that I feel I must address regarding the matter of insurance reimbursement. This allegation was reviewed by Judge Thomas Marcelain of the Licking County court system, as well as Mary Taylor, Auditor of the State of Ohio, and was dismissed in 2009. The decision is a matter of public record.

As a life-long resident of Bowling Green Township, I have a vested interest in the people of this area. For the past 30 years, I have worked to ensure that all of you are able to safely travel the roads of our township. I have made sure that emergency vehicles can reach your home should you need their help. I have negotiated a fair and consistent price for refuse collection for all residents of the township, and I have been instrumental in obtaining grants to build a playground for our youngest citizens. I have also helped remodel a township-owned building into a highly-used community center where our families can gather for reunions, birthday parties, and other events. In addition, I have both the knowledge and the ability to operate and maintain the township’s heavy equipment, as well as perform many laborintensive jobs. The money saved can be allocated toward road improvements and other important areas. I hope that I have earned your trust in providing these services for you.

Donald Watkins
Bowling Green Township Trustee

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