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Bowling Green Township residents tired of letters


The saga of Bowling Green Township continues into the New Year.

As 30+ year residents of Bowling Green Township and residents who attend the township meetings, we want to express our disappointment with the constant negative letters about our township, its elected officials and the residents who live there. Even in the Christmas edition, when most people are seeking peace and goodwill toward their fellow mankind, these letters continued.

Will the writers never find anything positive to say about the township? Can they not see that nothing is all good or all bad? No one trustee is perfect, no one trustee is all bad. They must work as a team to represent our township in the best interest of all taxpayers. Unfortunately, that is not happening here.

Our township has gone from one small community working together to a hugely divided community taking sides and either being part of the GOB (good old boys) or the other GOB (gang of bullies), all this with the election of a new trustee three short years ago.

How sad that it has become neighbor against neighbor instead of neighbor helping neighbor. What must other people think of our township and why would anyone want to move here after reading all the negative comments about us as a community?

Perhaps other residents will attend the meetings so they can witness what is happening in our township. It is an experience unlike any found on TV reality shows.

It is our hope the negative letters will finally stop before they cause more problems for the township and divide the residents more than they are currently.

On a positive note, our roads are in good condition, the snow is removed in a timely manner and any holes patched quickly. It is nice to know the roads with elderly residents experiencing health issues are cleared first so an emergency vehicle can reach them in an emergency.

Now if all those letter writers could just find a few positive things about which to write.

Robert and Patricia Volland Bowling Green Township

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