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Bountiful Harvest?

Late planting doesn't hurt local farmer



THORNVILLE – Local farmer George Cenky said he’s having the best soybean yield he’s had for 35 years. He anticipated his corn crop yield would be pretty good, too. “Overall, we’re very fortunate for as late as things were put in,” he said. An unusually wet spring delayed planting for many farmers this year, and while Cenky is enjoying success, not everyone’s harvest was as bountiful, according to State of Ohio statistics.

As of Oct 16, 2011, only 61 percent of the corn crop is mature and normally at this time of the year 90 percent of the crop would be mature, said Wayne F. Matthews, director for the USDA – National Agricultural Statistics Ohio Field Office. “We are now at eight percent harvested for grain compared to a normal of 29 percent harvested,” he said. The amount of corn crop harvested for silage is 81 percent, which would normally be at 100 percent harvested by now. Matthews said that based on conditions as of Oct 1, he estimates the corn yield at 154 bushels per acre, down seven bushels from last year. “Seventy-three percent of the standing corn crop is considered to be in fair to good condition,” he said.



Matthews said that as of Oct. 16, soybeans are 60 percent mature compared to the normal of 90 percent, and soybeans harvested are running at 23 percent compared to the normal of 59 percent for this time of the year. “As of Oct 1 conditions, we are estimating soybean yield at 46 bushels per acre compared to 48 bushels per acre last year,” he said. Seventy-one percent of the standing soybeans are considered to be in fair to good condition.







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