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Both Johns need flushed


On June 10th, just several hours after Licking County Dog Warden Jon Luzio announced his retirement, it was realized that at least three dogs were destroyed at the pound by Luzio’s command. At least one of those dogs had been marked for a rescue to pick up. Of course, when the rescue came, they were informed that the dog had been destroyed (along with the others) because they were overcrowded. This is a dog that volunteers were smitten with because it would “dance and was such a nice boy.” People in the rescue world were livid, to say the least, and considered these actions retaliation.

Another dog came in to the pound on June 3rd as a stray. No collar, no tags…just a young dog…sweet and friendly. A young woman was interested in adopting the dog, but was told that the owner had come in and identified the dog as being hers. They were giving her a couple of days to “come up with the money.”

Several days go by and the same young woman goes back to look at other dogs and notices the same dog is still there. This time she is told that the owner doesn’t want the dog and is coming in to surrender the dog to the pound. This, too, would take a couple of days.

A couple more days go by and the dog is STILL there and is STILL not signed over to the pound! This is going on during the same time that Luzio killed three or four dogs BECAUSE THEY WERE OVERCROWDED!

As of Monday, June 21, the dog (#600) is STILL there and is STILL not signed over to the pound. Now the dog has kennel cough which will go into Pneumonia if not treated!!! (Rescues complain that untreated kennel cough is very inexpensive to treat but pneumonia can cost them hundreds of dollars per dog.)

I spoke to Office Manager John Silva about this incident and to point out that the records he keeps on the dogs were incorrect. One record (State Sheets) identifies a dog as a mixed breed female while the “Daily Inventory” shows the same dog as being a male Beagle. He put me on hold, claiming to check his records when he really was passing the buck! He passed my call off to the “pound keeper!” Silva’s job description says that he is to “resolve and address complaints and concerns from the public.” (He gets paid $47,769.26 annually.)

The management (John Silva and Jon Luzio) at the pound, IN MY OPINION, is worthless and it’s time to flush both of those Johns!!
Bonnie Mansfield

Buckeye Lake

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