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Bonnie Mansfield is part of the solution, not the problem


I am writing in response to the letter penned by an obviously frustrated G. Wolfe offering an insane and malicious solution to the cat problem at Buckeye Lake. It is one thing to voice your frustration and those of us that live in the Village feel your pain; however, your letter is bogged down by understatements, exaggerations, and malicious intent toward Bonnie Mansfield. Here is what I know:

• It has taken a lot more than a “few” irresponsible pet owners for the cat population to grow to the level it has over the years. My advice: If you can’t afford to spay and neuter, you have no business having a pet.

• Many of my neighbors (including myself) have adopted, fed, spayed and neutered, found homes for and cared for unwanted cats…often with Bonnie’s help.

• Bonnie does not need you trapping stray cats and dropping them off at her house, because for years she has been caring for, rescuing, feeding, spaying, neutering and adopting out pets that people have been irresponsible with. I can only imagine the financial burden this has been for her.

• Bonnie has a network system that is incredible and many of the Village’s “unwanted” cats have been sent to shelters in other cities and states for adoption. I have watched the unwanted cat population in our Village dwindle in numbers over the years because of Bonnie’s efforts.

• The animals, who are unwanted, abused, neglected and left to fend for themselves did not ask to be put in this position and do not have a voice. Bonnie has tried to offer them hope and provide that voice while at the same time educating people in being responsible pet owners.

• Those of us who recently found our pets floating dead in the lake are thankful that Bonnie called and had this information publicized.. Because of her action we have a reward offered for information leading to this atrocity, people were warned about this situation and the community is on the lookout for the inhumane idiots who harmed our animals.

My last comment to G. Wolfe: We supposedly live in a civil society; instead of writing about your neighbor’s unspayed cat, why not try to have a civil, educated conversation and show them the public service ad that has been in the Beacon for months (this week it’s on Page 13). You know…the ad for affordable spaying and neutering of cats (even pregnant ones). Bonnie Mansfield asked Charlie Prince to run it. If your neighbor is not open to this conversation, well, all I can say at this point is welcome to Bonnie’s world!

K. L. Green

Buckeye Lake

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