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Bog guide, Queen crew volunteers needed

BUCKEYE LAKE – The Queen of the Lake II tour boat already has a busy summer season ahead of it, including plenty of trips to take tourists to Buckeye Lake’s unique Cranberry Bog.

“I’m really excited but we’re short of help,” said Buckeye Lake Museum Director J-me Braig. She said the museum is offering training classes for anyone interested in volunteering to become a tour guide for the historic Cranberry Bog or a Queen of the Lake II crewmember. She said the hour-long training course will take place on Friday, April 20, for bog guides and Sunday, April 22, for crewmembers beginning 7 p.m. at the Buckeye Lake Museum, 4729 Walnut Road next to the post office.

Braig said the guides will learn about the unique plants and the history of the bog then participate in scheduled tours taking visitors out to see the floating island. The Queen crew will require a boating safety course. Crewmembers must be over 18 years of age and will assist with tours.

“We’re going to have a busy summer,” said Braig, who added there are already 60 lake tours scheduled for the Queen and she expects more to be scheduled for the season. She said boat volunteers will need an Ohio State Boater Education Card, which can be acquired through, an online safe boating course approved by the ODNR Division of Watercraft. “That’s good forever,” said Braig. She said all bog and boat volunteers will receive t-shirts and hats and once training is completed, the volunteers simply schedule themselves for tours when it’s convenient. “People pick and choose what tours they do,” said Braig.

In December, the Buckeye Lake Historical Society announced it would take over management of Buckeye Lake’s unique Cranberry Bog from the ODNR. “The idea is to benefit both the Buckeye Lake community and Ohio State Parks, as well as allow more people to enjoy the bog,” said Buckeye Lake State Park Regional Manager Hal Harper previously.

To register for the classes or to learn more information, call the museum at (740) 929-1998.

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