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Bob Slater’s leave of absence likely to be short


On Monday, December 14, 2009, a long time relationship between Walnut Township Local Schools and Robert Slater II took a leave of absence. Bob did not run for another term and thus temporarily ended a strong positive relationship with our school district.

I have always felt Bob was one of the good guys from the first time I met him through scouting. He reluctantly became the scoutmaster because there was a void and kids needed someone. The same is true with the school system. Whenever there is a void and kids need someone, Bob is there. I have also watched Bob and his wife, Rose give up many of their days to help with the choir and the band. It seems like Rose is part of the band camp staff. She can be the calm in the storm of teen-age chaos.

I can still remember the night Bob talked to me about running for school board. I was hesitant and Bob countered every point I made for not running. We have had our share of disagreements, but it has never strained our relationship. Dialogue and debate are good recipes for positive courses of action.

I believe that Bob’s leave of absence will be short because when another void needs filled, Bob will be there. I know Debbi and I consider Bob and Rose friends and if you get a chance to meet them and know them, you will feel the same as us. Bob, thanks for your service to our kids.

Walnut Township is a great place to live and raise kids.
Vince and Debbi Popo

Liebs Island

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