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BLASST will be July 3


I would like to congratulate everyone for getting through another winter.Even though this is my second winter in Florida, I clearly remember what it’s like during January, February and March in Ohio. My (SAD) was in full swing by now and all I wanted to do is go to bed and put the covers over my head. Even folks who don’t suffer with seasonal disorder are by now short tempered, somewhat depressed and just plain sick of winter. People everywhere are reacting negatively to each other for no apparent reason. This is all due to lack of sunlight.

Now that Ohio has the no smoking ban, I’ve given serious consideration of changing my residency to Florida. If you wanted me to leave all you had to do is ask. That ban is putting the bars and restaurants in serious jeopardy. They are struggling to stay alive. Please support your local restaurants even if you have to take the food to go. I am a very avid smoker and now I have had to become a cook too. I don’t mind telling you, I hate every minute of it.

I might be in Florida, but that doesn’t mean that Bud, Marty and I aren’t working on this year’s BLASST. The Civic Association has picked “American Pride” as the theme for the boat parade and we try to stick with that theme in our T-shirt design. We’re still open for suggestions this year.

In case you are wondering and Charlie at the Beacon says they have had calls, BLASST will be on Tuesday, July 3 this year. We wish it could be on the 4th, but that’s not possible for a lot of reasons.

The show this year is dedicated to one of the BLASST board members who passed away this winter. Becky Borland was one of the finest people I’ve met since I moved to the lake. She was a friend to many and a big help with the BLASST. I will miss her happy smiling face at the Buckeye Lake Post Office.It just won’t be the same without her.

Victoria (Tory) Wolfe Co-Chair for BLASST

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