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BLASST theme contest reward donated by Tory


It was brought to my attention by a person I respect that folks are grumbling because BLASST is running a contest for a theme AND why are the winnings coming out of the BLASST donation money. Just when I thought I could be silent with helpful anonymity, someone turns on a spot light. Imagine that!

Let me say first, if you have been around long enough; any contest ever run and won has always been paid out of my pocket. This one was not going to be any different but I was trying to stay in the background. The bottom line; the money for the winning theme is NOT coming out of the BLASST donation money.

It was my idea to run a contest this year not Marnita’s. I want to explain. There are multiple reasons for this which has come about while the BLASST and I have grown over the years. A theme sells our t-shirts. Also, I learned from the first contest that putting a few names in the Beacon each week got great reaction. The letters were light, positive, fun and sometimes just plain funny. Those letters were a huge motivator for donations. It introduced folks around the lake for the over and above things they had done for BLASST. People love to read their name in the paper for good deeds and ideas. Why wouldn’t they? Also, the first contest was the start of my letters to the Editor of the Beacon
which introduced my personality to the Beacon
readers. What’s funny about that is; most folks don’t have a clue what I look like. The BLASST has brought a lot of interest to The Beacon
and the Beacon
by far has been the largest donor to BLASST. For you business people do the math.

This year, I had hoped the contest would introduce Marnita’s personality to you. Her picture has been in the Beacon every week for years. But unless you’ve bought a house from her and Michelle, you don’t really know her. She has already gotten backhanded a couple of times for something I set into motion which just is not fair.

This community has trusted me for years with your donations and I don’t believe I have ever let you down. I have chosen someone I feel I can trust to run BLASST for now. (That’s an important line. Read it again!) I have not let go of the reins completely as Marnita has a lot to learn more specifically the interworking of the annual people and personalities. She is very intelligent, creative and not nearly as harsh and short tempered as I can be. I am asking you; instead of second guessing her, how about supporting her in every way that you can. I hope this letter clears things up. But if it didn’t please feel free to email me…
Tory Wolfe

Ft Myers

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