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BLASST thanks its 700 some sponsors


It’s the morning of the 4th and I feel the weight of the world is off my shoulders. We want to thank the Buckeye Lake Moose Lodge 2434 for their donation of over $20,000 this year. That’s right $20,000! I would call their donation to BLASST a God moment. The co-chairs of BLASST knew because of the tight budgets everyone is on, donations would be down and they were. There was a group from the Lodge on my barge who (God Bless them) were thanking me. What? Are you kidding me? This community can’t thank the Moose lodge enough for their help!

As usual Hamburg Fireworks went out of their way to give this area one outstanding show. My boat of friends was the only boat that floated over to thank them. You don’t know this so I will tell you. Hamburg has grown to love the beauty of the lake with the boat lights, water reflection and the subdued but anticipated attitude of the folks here. Ken, the owner, started coming to the show some years back and was enamored by the majestic beauty of our night on the water. I don’t think he has missed a show since. He gives our shooter Mike Jolly free rein to pick any shells he wants for our show. In essence, this company spoils us rotten. We definitely get more bangs for our buck. They won my heart years ago. I send my sincere thanks to you Ken, Lyn and Mike and your crew at Hamburg!

Next, we want to thank Buckeye Lake State Park Manager Tim Waln for all he does as well as his crew. There is not enough paper to fill in all that detail. ODNR had to be very careful who they put on Buckeye Lake to handle all the different personalities living here. He is a gentlemen and the greatest PR person they could have picked. The day ODNR promotes him (because he deserves it twenty times over), it will be our loss. I vote to double his salary and keep/leave him right here with us.

Next we want to thank Lt. Tim Voris (another great PR guy) and his fellow officers from Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office for working with BLASST. I think we have finally come to an agreement as to the expense paid by BLASST for security. I especially want to thank the VOLUNTEER officers and Sheriff Dave Phalen. I had the opportunity to drive to Fairfield Beach on Thursday and there were sheriff cars everywhere. Our community thanks you for keeping us safe for a fair price! (As a side note, in all fairness, I feel this was due me as I am still wearing the knife Darrell Ball and Chief Deputy Perrigo left in my back while Sheriff Phalen was on vacation two years ago).

Next we want to thank all the fire departments and paramedics from the surrounding area for all your hard work and VOLUNTEER hours. These folks spent many hours planning and readying themselves for anything and everything, even the worst. They all are a huge part of our event and they are definitely under appreciated. Thank you one and all for your participation.

Last but not least, I want to thank the two women I trusted to sell food at Fairfield Beach and North Shore parks for BLASST. This is my second attempt at trying to double money by selling food in these parks. Kim Oxley and Deb Hostasa sat in the rain at my request all day and night doing their very best to feed the masses as a favor to this community. I wouldn’t exactly call it a success because of the weather but, it wasn’t for a lack of these two women and their helpers trying for us all. Thank you ladies for going above and beyond! BLASST also thanks Tim Cotterman for donating hamburgers and Kevin Gorham for the donation of the ice. Neither one was asked for the donation; they just offered it to our community. Thank you gentlemen for all that you do!

From Bud, Marty and I, it was a pleasure serving our valued sponsors – all 700 of you!
Victoria Wolfe
Co-Chair of BLASST

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