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BLASST show set for July 2; it’s time to send in donations


Well, it’s just 37 days until our July 2 fireworks show. Where does the time go? I got back in town Monday night with four dogs, two cars, a loaded boat and trailer and I went right over to the Liebs Island boat ramp to put the boat in. I dearly love the smell of Buckeye Lake even in spite of the smell of the dead opossum that had washed ashore on the ramp. After a grueling three day trip of total chaos there is nothing better than to see this body of water. I think sometimes I wish I didn’t love it so much.

The real-estate bizz is booming for Marnita right now, so yes I will be helping with writing the Letters to the Editor and anything else I can do to help her. Our annual request for donations letter will be going out next week. If you get a letter and you have already sent a donation this year, we apologize up front; mass mailings are hard to control. Also for the first time in a while we will not be putting a stamp on the return envelope. Actually it was suggested by several of our donors not to put the stamp on to save money (and we thank you). If you haven’t ever given to BLASST, please consider it. Everyone should help in some way for the most beautiful show in Ohio! Write a check please and try not to give cash to any charity or non-profit. You can’t write it off your taxes if you do make cash donations.

This year’s t-shirt is being designed. We’ll have a list of the retail outlets in our next letter. If you are interested in selling BLASST t-shirts. please call Marnita at 614-419-0478 and leave a message with your name and number if you don’t get her right away. That’s it for now; I’m going to go unpack! We’ll talk to you next week.

If you don’t want to wait for our donation request letters, please make your checks payable to BLASST and mail to 13284 West Bank Dr. Millersport, Ohio 43046.
Manita Swickard

Tory Wolfe


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