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BLASST returns July 3rd


From the e-mails that have been coming to which is out dated at this moment and the calls to The Beacon, I can see I’m behind in my letters. I came home a month later this year, trying to miss the special weather Ohio seems to always hold for me. No luck – it waited me out and now I’m behind. I am so sorry.

First and foremost, the fireworks will be on Friday, July 3, launched from the usual location at Fairfield Beach.

Secondly, our Redneck women have been busy putting together a new cook book. All proceeds from the sale of these books go directly to BLASST. I love them. The cook book includes pictures of these dedicated volunteers who all have jobs on top of all the community work they do. I believe everyone around the lake owes them a debt of gratitude. Especially and most gratefully my respect as always goes to Michelle Glen and Eddie & Bev Hulls. As soon as I know where you can buy their cookbook, you will know.

Merv Bartholow called me during the winter about the Buckeye Lake Area Civic Association’s upcoming Big Band dinner dance. Ahh – memories of the Buckeye Lake Amusement Park and the Crystal Ballroom!!!!! I was lucky enough to have the park as my childhood playground. Anyway, we agreed we should use the name as the theme of our July 4 celebration. It was shortened a little for the t-shirts to BIG BAND BOOM, but the actual theme name is “Big Band Boom and All That Jazz.”

On the subject of t-shirts, I was ready to give them up for this year – too much hassle and not enough money. It seems we always had too many left over which then ate up our profit. Don’t worry, they didn’t go to waste. They went to our service people overseas via AMVETS.

Then I heard from Marnita Swickard. She was excited about a new store she was opening up called “Buckeye Lake Place.” Marnita knows I will collect anything with Buckeye Lake on it, old or new. She does too. So it occurred to her that other folks might buy things as well.

Marnita is happiest when she has dozens of pokers in the fire. She is like Marty Springer in that respect. They are like hummingbirds, darting around most of us at lightning speed. Marnita asked about this year’s BLASST t-shirts. After a short conversation she took on the t-shirts – both the design and printing. Last week she brought me a wonderful design. The shirts will be available next week. They are a completely new look for the BLASST.

Marnita hopes to have “Buckeye lake Place” open in a few week, but it will take some time to fully stock it with all the ideas she has crammed in her head. Sadly for my pocket, it will be a regular stop for me. She expects to open it across from the Pizza Cottage on Ohio 79 in Buckeye Lake. . I think she is planning an internet site for stay-at-home shoppers.

I hope to be mailing our annual request for donation letters in the next two weeks. But you don’t have to wait for your letter to send in your contribution. Please make your tax-deductible contributions payable to BLASST and mail them to 13284 West Bank Dr., Millersport 43046.

There’s more news, but it will have to wait until next week. Please watch The Beacon for updates.

Again, sorry for the late start.

Victoria Wolfe West Bank

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