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BLASST is almost here


By the time you are reading this, the greatest show on earth will be less than a week away. Time has whizzed by so fast that my head is spinning.

You better get your luminaries this weekend before they are all snapped up at Buckeye Lake Marina. Again they are $30 for a set of 10 and if you’re interested I can get you different colored bags so you can use them during other holidays.

Tom Swank from WNKO, Hamburg Fireworks and I have come up with a few little surprises this year for your viewing pleasure. We hope you enjoy them.

This year is my 600th reunion in Bexley but thank you God I get to miss it because I have a volunteer job here. Without a doubt everyone is bummed out I’m not coming. After all I am the life of any party! I miss the barge but I don’t miss all the trips back and forth ferrying everyone back home.

Please try to stop and thank the fireworks guys after the show. They really appreciate it.

Next year there will definitely be t-shirts. I promise! I am sorry my time got short this year. Please try to fit in a prayer for our service people…past, present and future. Have a safe holiday and Happy 4th of July everyone.

Tory Wolfe

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