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Blame preferred over progress


There are unfortunate parallels between politics in Washington, DC and Buckeye Lake. Specifically, egos and politics are becoming more important that citizens.

In Washington politicians operate on “If we don’t get what we want let’s at least make the other side look bad”. They prefer blame over progress. The result was the Government Shutdown and all citizens suffered. These politicians forget their mission to represent all of us requires compromise.

Politics in Buckeye Lake are way too similar. Rather than work to improve the Fire Department one group shouts “Everyone there should be fired!” “If we don’t get what we want we won’t fund them anymore!” “They’ll shut down!” Have these people lost their minds? Imagine the proud day when the Buckeye Lake Fire Department first opened. Now, imagine losing our Fire Department because of these selfish few. Are their egos more important than this community?

The negative culture this creates has prolonged effects. In Washington it’s easy to imagine talented leaders leaving to escape negativity and family harassment. In Buckeye Lake it’s easy to image citizens deciding not to volunteer to avoid vicious criticism because their opinions differ from the “all knowing” few.

Please look at candidates and ask: “Is this person able to work with people with ideas different from their own?” “Are they able to make progress when it requires compromise? “ “If they don’t get their way will they seek revenge? “ “Will they harass people in the newspaper and alienate potential volunteers?

Richard P. Hale
Buckeye Lake

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