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Black Diamond recovery continues

BUCKEYE LAKE – Several North Bank resident told The Beacon Friday about a barge with a hydraulic excavator doing some type of work about 50 yards off the new North Bank berm.

Since the barge was in the general area of where the Buckeye Lake sewer comes across the lake, one resident thought the sewer line had somehow been damaged.

Another North Bank resident reported seeing two divers working off the barge. Inquiries from a couple of residents to an unidentified ODNR official viewing the activity from the berm were not answered.

A Beacon inquiry to ODNR spokesperson Matt Eiselstein was referred to project spokesperson

Ian Nickey. He wrote, “The field work being done from the barge on Thursday (11/17) was related to the on-going historic preservation efforts for the Black Diamond barge. ODNR and their consultants have been working in conjunction with the State Historic Preservation Office and other stakeholders to take appropriate steps to conserve the shipwreck remains.

The legendary Black Diamond canal boat, sank in 1820 while hauling coal from Newark to Thornport. Its hull was caught on a stump and the boat capsized. Its four-person crew escaped before it sank.

Construction crews working to rebuild the Buckeye Lake dam discovered the ship’s remains Feb. 20, 2016. Its identity was confirmed in June.

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