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Big thank you for the BLASST


This is just a BIG THANK YOU to the Wolfe Foundation, Tory Wolfe, Bud & Marty Springer, Redneck Woman and everyone else that works endless hours putting together one of best fireworks displays around. You have certainly out done yourselves this year with this huge task and project. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!

Also a thank you to all of businesses and individuals that donated money along with this hard working crew to make this possible each year. What a great community we live in that supports an event as large as this by donations and hard working volunteers ONLY.

Just remember what a great fireworks display we all enjoyed this year when these hard working volunteers come knocking at your door or you run into them at your favorite local hangout. We’re writing this July 5th and we can personally tell you it’s a pretty good bet these volunteers are already working on next year.
You can send donations to:
13284 West Bank Rd.
Millersport, OH 43046
Looking forward to next year.
Keith Baldwin & Mary Barna
Buckeye Lake

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