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Big change noted in Buckeye Lake Mayor’s Court


As you may know, the former Buckeye Lake Mayor’s Court magistrate John Berryhill, has been asked to, and did, resign!

The temporary magistrate must have found the “shenanigans” switch and turned it to the OFF position when he came in to the Buckeye Lake Mayor’s Court on Tuesday night. There was absolutely no unprofessional language; no carnival music; no popcorn; no joking around. The Dingling Brothers performance is over! This Mayor’s Court was as professional (on the magistrate’s part) as I’ve ever heard.

I received the recording of this Mayor’s Court hearing with the temporary magistrate at the helm. There was only one case. The tape starts with the Mayor’s Court Clerk Valerie Hans stating, “You’re on the record, Sir.”

In the previous mayor’s courts, with John Berryhill as Magistrate, at this time you would hear Police Officer Jim Bartoe (who acts as bailiff) state, “All rise! The honorable….” But there was no introduction of this magistrate by anyone other than the magistrate himself.

Magistrate Rickrich (who was apparently sitting in front of Berryhill’s nameplate) began by saying, “My name is not John Berryhill. My name is Bill Rickrich.” He goes on to say that he was asked to come in on a temporary basis and gives a short synopsis of his credentials.

There is only one case in this hearing. The man pleads guilty to Speeding and Driving Under Suspension. In less than 15 minutes this man is given fines and a chance for some of the fine to be suspended if he gets his license back in 30 days.

Before receiving this recording, I spoke to Ms. Hans and asked her if Officer Bartoe is still a police officer with Buckeye Lake (I haven’t seen him out on patrol for quite some time). Ms. Hans stated that Bartoe is on medical leave and has to be released by a doctor to come back on patrol. I questioned him acting as bailiff in court. Her response was that he was in mayor’s court as a volunteer and she had another officer there with him.

I’ll have more for you next week…

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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