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Beacon thanked for refund on Buckeye Lake repaving work


Recently, I was catching up on some Buckeye Lake council minutes and was struck hard by a resident’s public comment. In fact, I was at this particular meeting on September 27 and was so dumbfounded by the comment that I discussed it with her later

. Here’s the comment, “As soon as people start feeling better about the village and start trying to improve things, The
rears its ugly head and casts doubt and suspicion about the decisions that have been made!”

The resident was criticizing The Beacon

editorials regarding Chemcote’s poor job on our street paving and the lack of oversight and substandard inspection work by our engineers – ME Companies. The editorials were obviously based on a lot of research, offered good suggestions, called for accountability and a reduction of payment to Chemcote and ME.

Well, I’d like to say a public THANK YOU to The Beacon
for the editorials on this issue because once again your efforts have saved taxpayers real money……..nearly $51,000! Quoting from the November 8 council minutes, “The clerk explained the pay request and told the members that there is an ordinance for a change order on the agenda tonight that is a deduction from the original contract price; the change order will show an itemized list of what was not done.

It’s interesting that not ONE elected village official nor the individual who criticized The Beacon
has stepped up to offer a well deserved THANK YOU! Well, I say “Let them eat crow!” They all must be getting quite used to the taste of it by now. To the Buckeye Lake public officials who are consistently calling the Beacon “negative” I ask you, “Do you get it yet?” If not, how much more money will you waste before you DO get it?

Thank you to those residents in this village who REALLY DO appreciate the efforts of The Beacon
and others who have tried so long to make a POSITIVE difference by holding officials accountable to do the right thing. I know The Beacon
received calls from readers around the lake thanking them for the editorials. Several were from engineering professionals supporting their statements and suggestions.

As I told the resident in our private conversation, I would never discourage anyone from making a public comment. However, if you want to be credible…do your homework and be informed. Jumping on someone else’s bandwagon can sometimes be a dangerous ride if you don’t have all the facts. What I found comical about this individual was her admission that she really didn’t understand most of the editorial…. it was beyond her, she said…..yet she still criticized the Editor’s motives.

In the end, The Beacon
was right to call for a refund. And guess what folks… it NEVER would have happened without the editorials. That’s the REALLY sad part! Where were our elected public officials? Why did it take strong words from The
to get a refund? Seems to me The
is doing a better job representing village interests than our elected officials!
Peggy Wells

Buckeye Lake

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