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Beacon awarded ‘scoopus’


Well, Prince and his crew at the BEACON have done it again. His exclusive account of the new gambling venture to be initiated in the Village of Buckeye Lake was both informative and refreshing. The account was balanced and gave both the benefits and detriments of state sanctioned gambling. The larger question is just where does Prince and the BEACON get these spectacular and exclusive news items?

I have searched in vain the pages of the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Tombstone Epitaph, various police gazettes and the pages of my recent copy of Happy Horse magazine for any clue as to the source of this surprising news.

Generally speaking, when a particular newspaper prints the first account of a unique and exclusive news item, it is known in journalistic terms as a “scoop.”

But when a news item exceeds the typical “scoop” and takes on monumental proportions, it is rightly called a “scoopus” (not to worry, we have researched the word in a slang dictionary and it’s clean. Then too, if it turns out that there ain’t no such word, then we think there oughta be).

It appears that the journalistic effort at the BEACON has resulted in a true “scoopus” and the whole news crew is to be complimented. As usual, this item was witty and the story very well put together.

Good work, Prince & Co. In fairness, it is likely that everyone likes to be fooled by your good-natured news items that always seem to appear around the 1st of April.
Dave Mooney

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